3 Classy ways to use stickers on your product’s packaging

Have you ever thought about using stickers to level up your product packaging? No? Why’s that? Do you think stickers are for toddlers and belong on playgrounds? Or maybe you are not sure that using stickers fits your premium brand?

Think again! Stickers are an intrinsic marketing tool that can be used in classy ways to highlight the luxurious and high-quality features of your brand. In this article, we will show you exactly how you can use custom stickers to do that. 

The beauty of custom stickers is that you can outsource this job to your local paper and vinyl sticker printing company. This way, sticker marketing does not steal any of your valuable time, yet you will be able to reap the benefits. Are you ready to find out more? Then read on. 

  1. Brand a limited edition

No matter if you are looking to release a new product range or create a limited edition, stickers can help you communicate this to your customers. Instead of investing in expensive custom printed materials, you can simply get some stickers ordered, and distinguish your products this way.

Limited editions are very powerful because they allow you to create scarcity. A limited edition suggests to your customers that a specific product will only be available for a short amount of time. This adds urgency and prompts them to make a purchase decision right there, as the product might be sold out next time they visit. 

Choose a printed vinyl sticker with an effect to really catch the attention of consumers. We love glitter and holographic materials for this, as their metallic effects add a luxurious touch to your packaging. 

  1. Go for a premium look

But you do not have to stop there. Why not apply the same logic to your product? Especially if you are just starting out, product packaging can be intimidating and expensive. But it does not have to be. With custom stickers, you can bring it back to basics. 

If you invest in stickers, it means that you can save money on your packaging materials. Instead of getting them custom-printed, you can place a bulk order for plain boxes, enveloped or jars. With stickers, you can bring the branding process in-house. 

A classy way to do this is by using timeless effects like gold or silver. Using these materials, you can create scratch-resistant and waterproof stickers. This means that your product’s look will not be compromised. Looking for inspiration? Then check out the image below. 

  1. Make your customers smile

Your product’s presentation does include much more, and your customers’ unboxing experience is just as much part of a premium brand experience. In many cases, a shipment or order arriving at your customer’s home marks the first physical interaction they have with your business. 

But how can you ensure that you leave a great first impression? We recommend greeting your customers from the start. Use a rectangular sticker to seal and secure your packaging, adding an extra layer of trust and reassurance for your customers. Then use this space to include a welcoming or funny message.

This way, you will make your customers smile before they have even opened their order. And the best bit: you can switch up these messages regularly by simply changing your stickers. A great way to keep surprising your customers. What do you think? Are you ready to create classy product packaging using stickers? If you are on the hunt for a supplier of custom stickers, check out these guys here: https://stickerit.co/custom-stickers/. Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the sections below.