Book Audit – Bosses of the Living Energy – The Supernatural Universe of the Q’ero of Peru

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A fascinating characteristic of these individuals is that despite the fact that they consider their lessons hallowed, they don’t think of them as confidential. They appear to be available to imparting to anybody, submissively, similarly as with rises to, mano a mano. As a matter of fact, Edgar Cayce would be dazzled with their ideal concerning “energy,” what they view as the preeminent reality. Their ideal is to develop into congruity with the energy of life so that you can impart that concordance to other people, bringing a greater amount of the world into concordance as the hour of the incredible shift draws near. The Andean prediction, gave over from the Inca, predicts a difference in universes, planned precisely as per the Mayan schedule of December 24, 2012. They term this shift “The Period of Meeting of Ourselves Once more.” It seems like a get-together of the isolated selves meeting up to understand their unity in God.

They consider this new world to be a finish the mystical chris of limits, when individuals will drop their relationship with their actual bodies and will occupy their vivacious bodies all the more completely. A portion of the subtleties reverberation hints in the Cayce material about the idea of this shift, from an accentuation on the tangible, cognizant psyche, to a greater amount of an accentuation on the natural soul mind, referred to likewise as the creative mind. Might you at any point see with your heart? As you foster this capacity, you set yourself up for the approaching movement, as indicated by Andean lessons. You likewise assist the world with planning, on the grounds that, as indicated by their lessons (and Cayce’s, as well), it doesn’t make any difference what religion you hold to – in the event that you hold the goal of acknowledging amicability, of regarding all living things as family members, adoring all as yourself, yourself, then, at that point, you are assisting the world with getting ready for its transformative fate. Andean prediction is a doormat to all who wish to enter the new world coming.

Furthermore, meanwhile? One of the profound practices that contacted me was the act of making “appreciation packs.” Exploration is quick on the path of the significance of the close to home designing that the disposition of appreciation makes in the body-mind, making conceivable the impression of real factors unfathomable to the psyche engrossed with the burdens of the deterministic material world. Developing appreciation offers regard to what is, yet additionally welcomes additional opportunities and experiences. The Q’ero have formalized a cycle for establishing appreciation with the goal that it will develop the most corn.

The interaction for making this group, or despacho, (a Spanish word, similar to our English dispatch, significance here a bundle to be conveyed), is to get a white square piece of paper, then place half of a scallop-molded shell (for the female quality) onto the paper, and a cross (for the manly) into the shell, and afterward add objects addressing the different gracias you wish to offer. The white square fills in as wrapping paper, with the wrap restricted with hued string.

Subtleties can be found at the Site I referenced, however the overall thought is to develop this pack while supplicating, and afterward to determinedly cover it as a contribution, a thanksgiving that will grow further favors for all. Covering has a strong original power, not as sequestered from everything, but rather as in giving up, for establishing the request in the earth is a demonstration of trust in the imaginative powers, that the living energy of the extraordinary secret will act through the earth to achieve change and gift. Likewise with every local individuals, the earth is sacrosanct to the Q’ero, and they feel dependable toward it, an obligation they are glad to impart to other people. It is their gift to us.