Face Painting Ideas For Your Children

More than the adults, children enjoy face painting very much. If you are a parent and you want to surprise your children with this enjoyable activity, then, you should start to come up with unique face painting ideas.

But, before you start executing those face party painting ideas in your head, you should have a basic knowledge about the craft first. Having enough knowledge about the materials to be used and proper application methods and techniques will help you deal with possible accidents.

The basic things you need to face paint your children include face paints as well as brushes and sponges. In choosing the paints, you have to be meticulous about it because it will be applied to one of the most sensitive parts of their body: the face.

Make sure that you choose paints that are to be specially made for use on the skin to avoid the possibility of allergic reactions and even poisoning. Make sure that you choose face paints that are hypoallergenic especially if the skins of your kids are sensitive. Also, try to look for paints that contain natural or organic ingredients to avoid the application of harmful chemicals. Make sure that the type and brand of the face paint you are going to buy meets specific standards and regulations.

Aside from the face paint you’re going to use, also pay attention to the type of brushes and sponges you will need in the application of the face paints. In choosing brushes, look for those that have good quality evident in the softness and strength of its bristles. The best brushes to be used for face paint are those synthetic brushes with soft and fine bristles because this will ensure that the face of the child will not be bruised by a hard bristle. To know if your children will like the texture and bristle of the brushes, you can try it on them during shopping. Three to five good quality brushes with various texture and sizes is enough for you to start with.

Once you have found a good quality brush, next is the good quality sponge. The quality of the sponge should be of top priority because you will need it in covering large areas of your child’s face. Make sure that you choose sponges that do not peel off once it is dabbed in any liquid such as face paint or water. This will ensure that your child’s face is free from irritating by-products of the sponges.

Unique and Fun Face Painting Ideas:

Face painting is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities your children can experience. This is because it makes them feel that they can be another individual or creature with the colorful face paints they are wearing.

The most common face painting ideas for children include animals faces, insect prints, flowers patterns, and some human characters or superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. For young boys, try a pirate, a monster, a skull, a reptile, or a mechanical robot. For little girls, try fairies, floral patterns, colorful rainbow designs, and insect patterns such as those of butterflies, ladybugs, and dragonflies.

Sure-fire face painting ideas for children are those of friendly and friendly domesticated animals such as dogs and rabbits, animal characters, and even their favorite cartoon characters. You just need to print out hard copies of these creatures or buy postcards to make sure that you copy them from their most natural form. You can also use templates of the cartoon characters to make sure that you copy them perfectly.

Great face painting ideas include the use of colorful neon face paints and those that contain glitters. With these materials, the face paint design will become more vibrant, alive, and unique. You can also use different kinds and sizes of brushes and sponges to create details in the face paint design.