Home and Office Bottled Water Delivery in Northern Virginia

Delivery of drinking water to your home can be very affordable, as long as you choose the right provider. You can even get spring water delivery, a thousand gallons of purity and good taste for less than $175 for the first year and less than a hundred for subsequent years, but you have to make the right choice. Here’s some free advice.

Delivery of drinking water through موية نوفا Deer Park is available in my hometown. If not in yours, there’s probably another brand available, maybe Poland Springs. Both companies are owned by Nestle Foods. The products that they offer depend on where you live.

Poland spring water delivery, for example, is only available in the Northeastern United States. Deer Park spring water delivery is available in much of the South. In California, the springs are in Mount Shasta and several companies operate at those headwaters.

I happen to know that Deer Park charges $42.30 per month for 30 gallons, delivered in six 5-gallon jugs. They’ll give you free use of a cooler, as long as you sign up for their “pure” savings plan. But, I can get 30 gallons for $2.88 and I have a refrigerator, so I don’t need their cooler.

Just one of their 5-gallon jugs costs $7.50, of course they won’t sell it to you for that. You have to buy in “bulk” to “save”. I get five gallons of the purest, safest drinking water on the planet for less than fifty cents.

Nestle must be making a fortune in profits every year. At one of their facilities, they pay the county $100 per year and they pump 500,000 gallons a day out of the counties aquifer. What? You thought it really came from a “natural spring”?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the delivery of drinking water to your home relies solely on the companies’ ability to negotiate water rights with public utilities and suppliers. Nestle owns a few springs around the world, but not nearly enough to supply public demands for their products.

What they call spring water delivery should actually be called something else. What that is depends on the source they used for that five gallon bottle. There are any number of sources.

Some of it is tap-water. Some is groundwater. A little bit might come from one of their springs, but they mostly reserve that for local residents, not for home delivery of drinking water, since shipping it over state lines would require extensive testing and they want to avoid that.

So, how do I get spring water delivery for less than a dime a gallon? I have a state of the art home water filter and it cleans 500 gallons of tap-water for $48 before I have to change the filter. It tastes just like it came from a spring. I can vouch for that, because I grew up on a farm and we really had a natural-spring.

The filter’s secret is a step called ion exchange. It adds a little potassium, sodium and some other mineral traces, so you get the best possible taste. I already pay the county for their delivery of drinking water to my home, why should I pay someone else? Of course, that’s just my opinion.