How to Boost Instagram Followers

If you want to grow your Instagram followers, try these tried-and-true tactics. They’ll

give you real, organic followers who will be genuinely interested in your brand or


When boosting a post, you can choose specific audiences by tapping the audience

icon. These are based on location, age, gender, and interests.


  1. Boosting your post

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or brand that has an existing online

presence, driving traffic to your Instagram profile is essential for boosting

engagement and growing followers. Consider email marketing with an Instagram

follow button on your website, or even collaborating with other accounts in your

niche to do story takeovers to increase reach and drive new followers.

You can also boost high-performing organic posts with a paid promotion on

Instagram. Using the app, choose a post to promote and select a goal — like More

Profile Visits or Reach People Near an Address.


Just be sure to only boost content that is relevant to your audience and your brand.

Otherwise, you could risk alienating your current followers and damaging your

reputation with a large follower increase that’s filled with spam accounts or fake

engagement. This will hurt your ROI in the long run. Avoid shortcuts, such as buying

followers or using bots, which are against Instagram’s Terms of Service.


  1. Boosting your story

If you’re a business that relies on Instagram for sales or product updates, you might

want to use stories to reach out to these customers. You can create a highlight with

a link to your website or in-app shop, making it easy for people to connect with your

brand.For more info, do visit this websitetheytlab.

Creating shareworthy content is another great way to organically grow your

followers on Instagram. Memes, in particular, can be highly successful at reaching a

large audience when they tap into current cultural trends.


The best way to boost your story is to focus on the quality of your content rather

than on boosting your follower count. Buying fake followers is unethical and can

damage your brand’s reputation by eroding trust. Plus, it’s difficult to convert a high

followercount of fake followers into real traffic or customers. Fake followers also

have low user engagement metrics, which can send a signal to Instagram that your

content isn’t engaging.


  1. Boosting your video

Some organic followers are simply following your business to stay informed about

product updates or sales (follower growth tips here). This group tends to follow

competitors for comparison purposes, and focusing on this audience can help you

expand your customer base.


Using relevant hashtags can also boost engagement on your Instagram posts.

However, it’s important to use hashtags sparingly and avoid spamming your

captions with #like4like or other “like for like” tactics. Hashtags can help you

become discoverable to new users, so it’s essential to use a mix of broad and niche

hashtags to grow your reach.

Cross-posting your Instagram content to other channels can also be a great way to

reach more people and boost your Instagram followers. Just be sure to use highquality

content and avoid watermarks that promote TikTok.


  1. Boosting your profile

There are a few things you can do to boost your profile and get more likes and

followers on Instagram. One is to make sure you have a compelling and engaging

bio that includes your website and any other relevant contact information. Another is

to encourage your current audience to follow you on Instagram by including a call-toaction

in your posts or stories (e.g., “Come check out our new product line”).

You can also promote your Instagram posts and Stories on a paid basis by using the

Ads Tools app in the Instagram app. This app automatically recommends your topperforming


organic posts to promote, and you can choose a goal for the promotion.

Goals include More Reach, which expands the reach of your content to new

audiences; More Profile Visits, which drives traffic to your profile; and More

Messages, which prompts people who know your brand to interact with you.

You can also boost your profile by using the hashtags that are trending on Instagram

at any given time. This will bring you in front of a whole new group of potential