Research Papers, Thesis, Dissertations Shouldn’t Waste Our Time, Put Acknowledgements in Rear

Although ideally, time is really of the essence when one puts together a well made research paper, there may be some exceptions to this. At one point, although reasons as to “why” may vary, there may be the need to write one’s research paper as soon as possible. So how does one go about this?

• Choose a Topic that You Can Talk About in Your Sleep

As a rule of thumb in essay writing, if it is possible, do write about something you are interested about; and better if you are familiar with the topic. This will save you time on doing research on the various subtopics involved. This is applicable to simple essay writing; but with research papers, you may have to do some research still – although it will lesser since you are already familiar with the topic.

However, bear in mind that cramming for  your paper can result in a lesser quality paper even though you are very familiar with the topic. There’s nothing like a well-researched, well composed research paper.

• Among the Topics Choose the One With Resources Within Your Reach

This will save you time as well. Choosing a topic with resources within your reach will give you more time to write your paper rather doing research like a blind man on topics you are not familiar with. The best sources would be magazine or newspaper publications, journals, and interviews with people who are highly related to your research paper. As long as you know where to find the printed sources and people for interview, you can spend most of your time writing instead of researching.

• Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Duplicates

Whether it is an honest mistake or an intended one, still one thing’s for sure: you don’t want to be caught with a case of plagiarism. Plagiarism is even considered to be a criminal offense for some; although as students the consequence will perhaps be failing the class and taking it again next semester. For professional writers, to be caught with plagiarism means being fined for it, and sometimes even more legal action. So before turning in your paper, make sure you have checked it with a plagiarism checker. By running your paper’s content through a plagiarism checker you can identify duplicated portions of your paper