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Citrine Quartz resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra or strength center positioned just above your navel. The shade variety for Citrine is mild golden orange to deep orange, almost brown in a few specimens. Citrine electricity warms from the inside out. Citrine is located in clusters ranging in length with very small points to large factors. Citrine may also be available as double terminated (points at both ends of the crystal formation) and as unmarried points.

The frequency vibration of Citrine Quartz might also crystal crown assist you in focusing your thoughts, your energy on what you want to show up into your existence. When focusing your mind, recognition on what you need rather than what you do no longer need. During your meditation practice, you may keep your Citrine cluster or set it in front of you and consciousness your gaze on the cluster.

If you pick out to use Citrine to launch you from the past, clean your mind focusing on that which you choice to release. Allow the power vibration of the Citrine to penetrate the memory, till it disappears into its comforting warmth.

Clusters of Citrine Quartz can be used to energize the body whilst placed on the Solar Plexus (positioned just above the navel), the Heart Chakra (placed in the middle of your chest), and on the Crown Chakra (just above your head). Citrine is notably energized whilst charged in Sunlight for several hours as soon as a week. If you location Citrine with different crystals for an universal electricity increase, it can not need to be cleansed or re-charged each week. Use your instinct to manual you.

Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Uriel whose name way “Light of God” “Flame of God” is the Angel of creativity, manifestation and prophecy. State or write out your intentions with purity, integrity and from the coronary heart for the best and fine excellent for all involved.

Healing homes: relieves depression, boosts self-empowerment, encourages self-expression, creativity, balances the fearful machine.

Vibrational Frequency: heat, comforting, energizing, penetrating.

Spiritual Properties: releases the Self from the past

Amethyst is known as the Healer’s Stone or the Soul Stone. Amethyst resonates with the Crown Chakra located simply above your head. The color crimson is likewise associated with the Third Eye chakra located within the center of the brow, simply above your eyebrows. The coloration range of Amethyst is very light lavender to deep pink, nearly a dark violet-blue. Amethyst power calms the thoughts and Spirit enhancing your meditation revel in. Amethyst is discovered in clusters, factors and wands.

Large clusters of Amethyst can be used to cleanse and re-fee smaller crystals points. Remember to cleanse, stability and re-rate your Amethyst clusters at least once per week. Amethyst clusters may additionally fade in direct daylight whilst exposed for extended intervals of time. Cleanse and re-charge Amethyst in a single day within the moonlight, bypass the cluster over incense or the flame of a candle (use warning because the flame of a candle can produce extremely high warmth). For extra statistics on cleaning and re-charging crystals and gems, please talk to “Crystals and Gemstones an Introduction.”

The frequency vibration of Amethyst is soothing and calming; helping you in expanding your aware recognition, lifting the veil among the Realm of Spirit and the bodily Realm. Amethyst can be region without delay on the Third Eye and or the Crown during meditation. It is usually recommended you begin by way of protecting an Amethyst factor or small cluster to your left hand, permitting your body to end up attuned to Amethyst’s vibration. When you are geared up to extend your work with Amethyst, region Amethyst on at once on your Third Eye or Crown Chakra. You will understand while it is time, if you so pick out, to start working with Amethyst on each your Third Eye and your Crown Chakra’s. Do now not be in a hurry, be patient while operating with Amethyst, the soft soothing vibration could be very effective and may be overwhelming at the start.

Amethyst can be worn or held, region underneath your pillow or to your mattress-aspect desk to assist in calming a busy, overactive mind, promoting a more restful sleep. When preserving Amethyst, the terminated cease need to continually be dealing with or pointing in the direction of your arm, permitting Amethyst energy to flow into you and via you. Amethyst and Rose Quartz can be used together during self-restoration of heart and thoughts.

Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Raphael whose name way “God heals” thee Angel of healing and concord, assisting the D