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Thank you for providing us feedback from your experience and the price you paid. During our trip, we went slowly through some canals and sped through other open areas. Having your feedback about your 70-minute trip, this is good to let others know so that they can get a time estimate and try to hold the boat drivers accountable to that. We traveled with our 2 year old son, and he also loved the boat ride and canal float. The price was 600 pesos, but they did not charge us for the 2 year old. A word of warning to other parents about the lifejacket situation.

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We also got to the boat, where the guide carefully and very catchy explained us when and how the channels was built, what kind of animals can be seen in the reserva. He also shared some personal experience, since he was working in the reserva for 18 years. We’ll do the Muyil bit in half a day while staying a couple of nights in Tulum, but we also want to have full days of natural immersion, so we want to stay in Punta Allen for 3 nights. I was wondering if it’s possible to walk around the reserve starting from Punta Allen, and if there are enough trails to cover two full days of trekking? I see that from Muyil there’s only a 2-hour walk and we’re looking for longer ones. Yes, there’s a parking lot right by the boat docks.

However, this didn’t spoil the experience – rather the opposite, just added a bit more wilderness to it. Once we got down to the boat dock, there was an amazing gathering of probably 2 or 300 butterflies, which apparently come in April/May to drink the fresh water from the lagoon. It was quite magical to see them all dancing around. I’m not aware of any major safety concerns in taking the day trip to Sian Ka’an.

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The Rajaji Tiger Reserve managed to identify the tiger, which has walked about 100 kms to cross the Uttarakhand border, through camera trap photographs. According to the park authorities the tiger reportedly crossed the Uttarakhand border in November last year. Some construction staff, working at the Dehradun-Delhi highway road project, saw the big cat near Mohund and reported it to the forest department. Your feet are your most crucial body part on a trek, and it doesn’t take much to keep them in toe-tappingly tip-top shape.

We did come from the Muyil side; it looked like some people may have come from the Punta Allen side and gone on to Muyil, but I am not entirely certain. For future visitors, the boat trip is still 600 pesos per person, the bus trip there & back was 56 pesos per person . You’re guided through one large lagoon, through a mangrove river and then another lagoon that leads you to the mangrove river that you can swim or snorkel in. Once at the dock, our guide, Carlos, collected our shoes and put it in a dry bag and floated with us as we spotted fish. The water was freshwater and clear and it was like floating in a natural lazy river. The shoes are necessary because you will have to stop at the next dock after about a 30 minute float and walk back along the boardwalk. There is a small ruin at the dock that you can look at before you go.

I know you might not be able to say for sure, but it would be helpful to know if there were several boats waiting to take people, or if there were just 2 . There are saltwater crocodiles that live in ocean side but to the best of my knowledge they do not come into the clear fresh waters that the boat tours pass through. I’ve never heard of any croc sitings in that area at all. And during our last float trip, I asked the guide about sharks and crocs and he just laughed and said they don’t come here at all.

We did decide to hire an English/Spanish speaking guide ($500MX) to the ruins who ended up being fantastic! It completely changed our understanding of the native plants and the history of the Mayan civilization. We would have loved the opportunity to float the canals twice. Was disappointed that the price of yours from Tulum was a bit steep for our family of 4 and this was perfect! If you’ve ventured out to Sian Ka’an on your own, please let us know in the comments. Also, since this post has become a resource for people traveling to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, we do try to keep it up-to-date with any changes over time.

600 pesos is still what they charge, and all the compliments are for free. My friend gave him 650 pesos by accident and the guy promptly gave her the 50 back, stating he thinks it’s important to respect us. We ended up being added to a group of German tourists which was somewhat of a bummer, but the floating bit lasted for a very long time and was a lot of fun. I still think 600 pesos is expensive, but we had a nice morning and I took some cool pictures.

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