Z Wave – Wireless Control For Your Home

The Wii has taken the video game world by storm since its introduction in late 2006. Offering interactive game play that is unlike anything available on other game systems, the Wii uses its wireless remote control to let users control the game through physical movements instead of pushing buttons and moving joysticks. At first glance, the Wii may appear to be a standard video game console with the added twist 433 mhz remote control of a new controller system, but nothing could be further from reality. The Nintendo Wii features capabilities that make the Wii more than just a game; it is an entirely new interface with entertainment based technology.

The Nintendo Wii features an opening menu that acts as a gateway to more than just games. The Wii menu is the first of the Nintendo Wii features that you encounter when turning on the game, and it does more than let you decide if you are playing with one or two players – like so many other game consoles. Instead, the user is shown a menu that not only takes you to the game, but -when connected to the Internet- allows the user to check the news, weather, surf the Internet, visit Wii message boards, shop online at the Wii Shop Channel, and that is not all.

The Nintendo Wii features a photo channel that – when used with a memory card – allows you to send and receive digital photographs and display them on your television. You can even download music in MP3 format and create a soundtrack for you photo slideshow. If you want to see what is on the mind of your fellow Wii owners, the Nintendo Wii features the Everybody Votes Channel where people weigh in on both lighthearted questions and important world events. You can even test your instincts on the issues by predicting the outcome of the polls and then check in to see how close you were! If a blast from the past is what you need, the Nintendo Wii features the Virtual Console Channels that allow you to download classic games from the Wii Shop Channel and play them on your Wii.

Despite all of those options, the most popular of the Nintendo Wii features is the Disk Channel where you not only load the disks of your favorite Wii games, but where you can play your favorites from the Nintendo Game Cube as well. And speaking of Wii games, the Nintendo Wii features the Mii Channel where you can create caricatured portraits of players who can be used in many of the Wii games. Each person in your family can have their own, personalized character that they will take with them on all their Wii adventure.